Hey there avid listeners of The Important Cinema Club podcast! Have you been asking yourself, “how can I support my favourite film podcast?” and “what can I do to be bathed in the glorious favour of Will Sloan and Justin Decloux?”

We’ve got the answer for you!

The Important Cinema Club Patreon has just launched! And for the absolutely affordable price of $5 per month, you can have approximately 40 extra minutes of Justin and Will magic, straight to your inbox, every week!

Why give these guys five of your hard-earned dollars every month?

  • Patreon contributors will receive one extra mini-episode each week featuring another filmmaker, completely separate from the normal weekly show!
  • These guys have been going strong for the last year finding all the filmmakers you should know about and distilling them down into super digestible chunks for your film knowledge benefit!
  • It helps them cover their hosting and editing costs!
  • You love film and you want to hear more about it, double time!

So how can you sign up?

Here’s a link! And here’s another link! Or type this into your browser bar if you are so inclined: https://www.patreon.com/theimportantcinemaclub  (this link has been linked for your convenience) (also there are links all over this page).

Questions? Comment below! Thanks for listening!

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